Travel Medical Insurance

services_text Past experience has proven that travellers don’t pay enough attention to their travel insurance policy wording and in many cases find themselves in an emergency situation without cover due to certain exclusions.

Foremost among these exclusions are pre-existing medical conditions. This is a medical condition that existed before the journey was undertaken and as a result no costs arising from such a condition will be covered by the travel insurance. WTMC attempts to identify these pre existing conditions through a thorough medical examination and in consultation with the individual traveller. If a condition is identified, the prudence of the trip is discussed and if possible, alternative options explored.

services_womenOther exclusions which are often missed are injuries through what is termed “dangerous activities” such as white water rafting, hang gliding, organised contact sport, hunting or mountaineering. Travellers are warned of these exclusions and alternative cover suggested – if available.

Some companies choose not to take out specialised expatriate health risk cover, and simply use travel insurance to insure their health risks while working in foreign countries. It is important to note that some types of work such as manual labour are not covered by standard travel insurance. For these types of scenarios WTMC may refer the client to a variety of insurance companies in order to provide the client the best-fit cover to suit its needs.

In cases where an insurer repudiates a claim, WTMC can aid in the arbitration process.