Remote Site Medical Facility Management

services_pills2In keeping with current international trends, multinational companies with cross-border operations need to provide adequate medical facilities for their expatriate and local workforce. More so at remote destinations far from the infrastructure that can generally be found in major cities.

WTMC has during the past 10 years provided such medical facilities to a variety of companies in a host of countries. Our expertise in the area of remote site medical management ensures that client’s needs are met within cost parameters but with patient well being and safety as ultimate consideration.

WTMC can assist a client in the design of a medical facility to suit the unique needs of each operation and location. Where possible existing infrastructure can be modified to accommodate the facility. Alternatively a temporary structure can be equipped to deal with medical incidents.

services_equipment2Equipment is chosen in consultation with the client with “must have” items taking precedence over less-essential items. Ultimately the intention is never to replace a hospital or operating room, but to enable a medical professional to perform basic first aid, community health care (if required) and most importantly the facility should have the necessary equipment to stabilise a patient for medical transportation in cases of severe trauma or illness.

All drugs and disposables are sourced from local providers where possible, this ensures a consistent supply and lower cost, but can be exported from South Africa if needs be.

The most important aspect in rendering remote site medical facility management is the quality of medical professional provided. WTMC prides itself on recruiting some of the finest medical personnel in the field with a preference for medics with expatriate experience and a love for the challenges of remote site medicine. In most cases Advanced Life Support Paramedics or Trauma Nurses are used.

All our remote site personnel enjoy round the clock telephonic support from WTMC’s medical professionals.