Pre Posting / Deployment Screening

Current legislation requires of employers to ensure that their employees are not placed at excessive risk while conducting the tasks required of their respective positions. This holds true for employees working as expatriates as well. With this in mind WTMC will conduct pre-deployment medical examinations on employees earmarked for expatriate work in order to identify any medical ailments that will place them at excessive risk by virtue of their planned expatriation. During these examinations particular attention is paid to pre-existing* medical conditions.

A report summarising a traveller’s suitability for a particular placement as well as any pre-existing medical conditions can be provided to the employer and if required to the insurance company which insures the expatriate’s health while in the host country.

services_docAny person found to have a particular medical problem that could have a negative impact on his/her stay abroad is referred for specialist assessment to a panel of specialists familiar with the peculiarities of medicine in developing countries. Naturally the individual could also be referred to a specialist of the Client Company’s choice. Should the individual have a pre-existing medical condition this is discussed with management and alternatives suggested.

services_pillsDuring the consultation travellers are educated about the health risks they will encounter during their travels and taught how to avoid and / or manage them. Travellers are informed about different malaria prophylaxis options and the prophylaxis best suited to the individual prescribed. Advice given is based on personal knowledge of prevailing conditions in certain parts of the world, printed and electronic data obtained from the World Health Organisation and the Centre for Disease Control in the USA. All recommendations are adapted to local conditions in terms of the practise of medicine and pharmacology in each home or host country. Following the consultation, a vaccination schedule is generated based on the traveller’s destination and trip profile. Our philosophy is not to administer vaccinations that are not medically necessary, rather discussing the risks, pros and cons of a particular vaccine with the client.

The businessman travelling to Nairobi for three days has very different needs to that of the geologist roughing it in the bush for three months.

The prevention and management of traveller’s diarrhoea, and other common travel related health risks are discussed as well as the contents of a personal medical kit bag.

To work as an expatriate places a lot of strain on the mental well-being of an employee. WTMC can arrange for psychometric testing and psychological screening of potential expatriates.

* It is important to note that an insurer may not pay for medical expenses if it can be proven that the expenses arose from a medical condition that existed prior to the expatriate’s departure. Such a condition is called a pre-existing medical condition and may be excluded from the cover extended to a traveller.