Post Deployment Consultation

services_equipmentBecause of the geographical spread of diseases such as Malaria, Schistosomiasis and Filariasis, patients often don’t present or are unaware that they have contracted the disease until sometime after their return. The Post Deployment Consultation is designed to focus attention on any such diseases that might have been contracted in order to start treatment at an early stage.

More often than not, already ill travellers arrive for a “Post Deployment”. Armed with knowledge of the patient’s itinerary as well as expert knowledge on the geographical spread of diseases, the medical practitioner is well equipped to commence treatment.

Finally the Post Deployment Consultation offers medical practitioners an opportunity to debrief returning expatriates. This allows a transfer of knowledge from returning expats to departing expats – facilitated by WTMC. The information gathered during the debriefing can be fed back to the company in the form of a standardised report and might even be used to amend the expatriate policy document or Medical Incident Management Guidelines.