Occupational Health and Safety

services_gearThe most recent and exciting addition to our services is the formalisation of our provision of occupational health services to our clients. Whereas the general travelling public forms an important part of our clientele, there is no doubt that there is an enormous need to care for cross-border employees of multinational organisations. In tandem with this, the practice of occupational health has undergone important changes in recent years, focusing on preventive intervention and policies rather than the exclusive treatment of work related illness and injury.

An example of preventative actions is evident in organisations’ attempts to eliminate the continued uncertainty over chronic health effects of long-term exposure to low levels of chemical- and physical agents.

Other issues such as the effects of HIV/AIDS in the workplace, radon, electromagnetic radiation including video display terminals, ergonomics, indoor air quality, drug screening, and repetitive motion trauma have been highlighted in the past decade.

In addition to the management of physical risks occupational health programmes have expanded to include the monitoring and control of absence and chronic disability.

Organisations increasingly strive to integrate the various elements of health such as disease management, absenteeism management, rehabilitation and return to work strategies within the organisation on a global scale.

Consolidation in the South African business environment along with globalisation of companies worldwide means that management have a greater responsibility for employee health over a much larger geographical spread, often in remote parts of the country or the world. Public demand for good governance by all companies means that the same level of occupational health care must be provided at the most remote operations as in the main centres.

WTMC is positioned to provide these and other related services to its clients both within and outside the borders of South Africa.