Medical Arrangements for Special Events

services_medicalThe scale and location of a special event may create the need for medical services at the event. WTMC is capable of providing medical personnel and complimentary services if required.

With globalization comes the need for multinational companies to meet face-to-face to realign company goals and strategies. Meetings often take the guise of international conferences. WTMC can provide a variety of services for conferences such as medical assessment of a proposed conference venue or the provision of generalised travel health risk information presented as an insert in a delegate conference pack.

Through our regularly updated comprehensive travel health management software we can provide regular current updates of health threats in countries across the globe. Information can be presented to conference goers as easy reading (aimed at lay people) information leaflets which can be included in delegate packs or as introductory slides following the welcome address.

Through our network of medical professionals WTMC provides medical backup and equipment at conferences locally and abroad.