Expatriate and Frequent Traveller Policy and Protocol

service_fileIn an environment where employers are increasingly required to prove that due care is taken to protect the health and safety of employees, most companies operate to a range of documents to provide guidelines for their work force. Although these documents cover most aspects of work it has been found that a formal travel policy rarely exists.

WTMC’s understanding of the inherent health risks involved in travelling combined with our intimate knowledge of the laws and occupational health and safety guidelines that applies to these protocols ensures that the information provided in the document is current, accurate and comprehensive.

services_girlA travel- or expatriate policy will not only document the steps taken to protect employees’ health whilst abroad, but also prove that the necessary steps were taken to protect its employees and provide a reference document when managing disputes.

An expatriate policy document covers a variety of subjects, but seldom adequately addresses an expatriate worker’s long term exposure to different cultures, beliefs and practices unique to their host country. WTMC can, through our network partner, provide cultural preparation to prospective expatriates which will prepare them to better interact with the local community in their host countries.

An employee’s Occupational Risk Exposure Profile is a function of:
Health Status + Workplace activities & hazards + Socio-political + Economic environment