Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

services_workingIn the event that a company finds itself in the unfortunate position that an employee needs evacuation but does not have insurance cover for whatever reason, WTMC can arrange such evacuation in the most cost-effective manner possible on a 24-hour basis.

Dependent on locally or regionally available medical facilities, the nature of the medical problem and the availability of logistical support, WTMC can arrange an air ambulance through well-established aero-medical evacuation companies with all the necessary equipment, staff and expertise. As a non-aligned company we have a choice of providers available at market related prices.

services_emergencyIn addition to arranging evacuation through established companies, circumstances might dictate other approaches such as commercial repatriation. Our qualified flight doctors and nurses are well acquainted with medical repatriation on which-ever appropriate aircraft are available.

WTMC has the means to arrange and execute road or aero-medical repatriation on behalf of our client.