Directions from Empire Road

Empire Road Directions

From Empire Road heading West

  1. Turn left (heading west) onto Empire from the multi-storey motorway (de Villiers Graaf Motorway).
  2. Keep to the left lane on Empire to take the Barry Hertzog overpass passing (~0.8 km)
  3. On Barry Hertzog carry on for ~1.5km, pas the 1st traffic light, turn left at the 2nd traffic light into Judith.
  4. Carry on with Judith up to the T-junction (~1.6km past 1 traffic light) turn right into Beyers Naude at the 2nd traffic light.
  5. On Beyers Naude Carry on for ~3km (6 traffic lights) up to Northcliff Corner on left carry on past Nortcliff Corner for ~1km, turn left into Waugh Avenue at the 2nd traffic light after Nortcliff Corner.
  6. Directly after the turn into Waugh, turn left into the NHC parking lot.